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With a history of 2500 years, Suzhou abounds in tourist resources, among which the classical gardens are the most famous and 9 of them are UNESCO World Cultural Heritage. In Ming and Qing Dynasty, numerous literatI settled down in Suzhou and their beautiful and exquisite homes are nowadays the famous gardens, which are mostly hidden in the alley ways of the old city. Lots of stories and history could be told. Visiting Suzhou without a local host might be a pain for tourists because some of the sites are not so easy to find and it’s difficult to understand the charm of these precious gardens.
I would love to share my knowledge of Chinese culture with you. Because I teach English in a local college, my tours are only available on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday as well as all public holidays and school vacation. Please feel free to contact me for anything you want to know about Suzhou or my tours!

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